• Time Attack
  • City Builder
  • Strategy
  • Browser game (sorry, not mobile)
  • Average game duration 2~3 min.


Congratulations, you’re the new Mayor of the wonderful city of Catchinki.

I heard many people want to move there, you will have to work a lot to keep all those citizens happy.

May the luck be with you !

Extra Information

Game made originally for the Compo, but the schedule was tight, so finally decided to do the Jam.

  • 1 person
  • 2 days 1/2
  • The only thing not created by me:
    • The audio (BGM and few SE)
    • The fonts
    • The icons


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I can see this going pretty well as a mobile game if developed a bit more

Great small game, i liked the art and music, the mechanic need to be developed a bit more, but good job

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Arg, I was scared to see the game completely broken but apparently there is a known issue only with chrome 63 https://forum.unity.com/threads/webgl-issue-with-chrome-63-0-3239-84.508583/

one minor update later and everything was back to normal ...

Nice, but WAY too easy. You just place enough things to crowd out the map and then sit there and rack up useless items, and then you lose because the AI overpopulated the place and then ask for more stuff. Apart from that, Beautiful art work and great AI. Great music and kinda fun gameplay.

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Thanks, it feel strange for me to read "Beautiful Art" ... I was not ready for this kind of comment.

And yes, I start too realize that I made maybe a bit too casual --
My previous gamejam, it was hard to understand and too difficult, I'm going from one extreme to the other apparently.